Saturday, November 05, 2016

Pursuing Adventure to Make a Difference

Chelsea's Writing Prompt #6:What difference do you want to make? 

I'll just jump right into it: I want to open people's minds to the awesomeness that is our world! I want to help them explore their potential and push aside their imagined limitations. 

Taken last weekend on a hike by Inglis Falls

This is actually a mindfulness thing I want to be able to do for myself, but I want to help others push towards their dreams too. We should see the beauty in everyday life, explore our communities, and really connect with our environment. I don't want to shell up in my home when there's so much to do and see. At least, I tell myself that. And I believe lots of us are the same. So, why aren't we more adventurous? 

I want to break down those barriers and be remembered as someone who actually lived! So, in honour of that, I think I'll start by taking the dog for a walk!